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Adding Bars & Restaurants: Extra Value or Extra Headache?

Backpackers: the Ultimate Lazy. Go around the block for a bar? Can’t be bothered. Oh, you serve drinks at the bar downstairs? Eh, I suppose I could make it that far for a round. Or seven.

"Added Value or Added Headache?" - Hostels with Bars & Restaurants, Panel Discussion

Learn more about the challenges and rewards of adding a bar/restaurant/cafe to your hostel.
This Panel Discussion was streamed live April 29th.

What Makes the Best of the Best?

Someone once told me a brilliant idea for a hostel tshirt. It was basically along the lines of “My name is ____. I’m from ____. I’m traveling for ____ weeks/months. I’m going to ____ next.” The guest could just fill in the blanks with a marker, and thus avoid the standard hostel small talk. At one point in my travels I was so done with that particular monologue that I was ready to write it on my forehead. So naturally, I thought it was a great idea. I’ve also reached that point more than once while working in hostels, as I’m sure many of you have.

"Roadmap to Success" Panel Discussion: recorded live from the Madrid Unconference

With so many award winning hostels gathered in one place, the latest panel discussion was broadcast live from the sold-out Hostel Management Unconference in Madrid!

LIVE: Consistency & Staff Training Panel Discussion

February Panel Discussion: Consistency & Staff Training

Watch the recording from the live broadcast here

Interview with Hostel Rocket - The Newly Launched Hostel OTA

Hostel Rocket is positioning themselves as the new digital age OTA and a marketing engine for hostels. They do this with a focus on hostel community, 'book direct' and NO booking commissions.
Does this new, fresh approach sound too good to be true ?

Our Community Manager, Rucksack Brian, sat down for a talk with founder and CEO Michelle McBryde.

Consistency: Keeping It All Together

My last post was about why every manager should take a break. And take a break I did! Multiple days of lounging in the sun, sipping on coconut drinks, and a scattering of activities like diving and surfing left me feeling refreshed, and looking several shades darker. Meeting new friends for cultural exchanges was of course also crucial to having a great time.

Interview with MyAllocator about integration with BPO

Information was recently released about the upcoming integration of the channel manager MyAllocator with Hostelworld’s property management system BackpackOnline.

5 Reasons Why Hostel Managers Should Take a Break

Hello hostel friends! By the time you are reading this (man did that sound like a depressing start!) I will be somewhere on an island, hopefully in the warm sunshine, and positively not on a computer. To celebrate my upcoming digital detox, I thought I’d write a post to remind each of you, why it’s important to do the same.

Virtual Think Tank: Rate Parity- What can hostels do?

**To stream the recorded discussion, please click the video below**

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