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Interview with MyAllocator about integration with BPO

Information was recently released about the upcoming integration of the channel manager MyAllocator with Hostelworld’s property management system BackpackOnline.

5 Reasons Why Hostel Managers Should Take a Break

Hello hostel friends! By the time you are reading this (man did that sound like a depressing start!) I will be somewhere on an island, hopefully in the warm sunshine, and positively not on a computer. To celebrate my upcoming digital detox, I thought I’d write a post to remind each of you, why it’s important to do the same.

Virtual Think Tank: Rate Parity- What can hostels do?

**To stream the recorded discussion, please click the video below**

Industry Expectations - Standing Out, While Fitting In

Learn from industry leaders!
The Panel Discussion happened December 17th.

The Depths of Creativity, Part 2: Problem Solving the Unexpected

The scope of a hostel manager’s job is about as wide and varied as country flags on an aged backpack. I know there are a lot of jobs where people say ‘every day is different’, but how often are those people doing maintenance in the morning, accounting in the afternoon, and marketing the next day? Yes, a hostel manager’s job is extremely varied, but rarely is someone a stand out in every element of the business. So then what?

The Depths of Creativity, Part 1: Setting Hostels Apart

Our HostelManagement theme for December is “Industry Expectations: Standing out, while fitting in.” I have to admit, even I thought to myself, “How can I write about such a cliche?” I want my writing to be meaningful, but most of all useful. We all know the general standards a hostel should meet. Dorms beds, functioning kitchen, toilets that flush? Sure. Wifi that is faster than the speed of light and never goes out for 30 seconds? Obviously, #1 priority.

Learn from industry leaders! 'If I knew then, what I know now', November Virtual Panel Discussion

We are exited to present our November Virtual Panel Discussion. Recorded on:
November 19th 2014.

The topic this time is: "If I knew then, what I know now" 2.0 is coming!

It's been a long time coming but it's finally happening. Our development team is now doing a complete rebuild of the entire site.

As we all know, HostelManagement in it's current form has run it course.

Misadventures in Hostel Management: A Look Back

This month our panel discussion will be the topic “If I Knew Then What I Know Now”. While generally I will focus my writing around the chosen topic, I don’t exactly feel qualified to speak up on that one yet. I’ve only been managing hostels for 3 years, and I still have a lifetime of learning to do. That being said, it’s been quite the adventure so far. So I’ll give it a go, if only to give a dose of humor to your day, and perhaps for some a bit of nostalgia about those early days of starting out.

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