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*Participants needed!* Upcoming Online Panel Discussion: Hostel Marketing

There are many important aspects to running a hostel, but without having guests, few will matter.

Exciting Times Are Around the Corner!

Just days away from November, I’m sure many of us are are scratching our heads, thinking “When did that happen??” For many of you coming off high season, now is the time to breathe. You did it! And now with all of your extra free time (ha), you can check out HostelManagement’s awesome upcoming features!

The Wonders of Efficiency: My Best Time Savers

Breaking Tasks Into Smaller Bites

I use Trello, a free project management app, to keep all of my to do lists and tasks organized. Any task I come across gets put onto Trello.

"Management Efficiency -Time Wasters / Savers" , Panel Discussion

How can you as a manager achieve maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort, time or money ?

The struggle is real - Most Hostel Managers have long to-do lists and limited time to get through all the various tasks. We had a panel of hostel professionals from our global community share their insights, challenges and ideas when it comes to avoiding time waste and being efficient in your role as hostel manager.

This Panel Discussion was streamed live August 26th. In case you missed it or want to refresh your memory of the useful 'tricks' and lessons learned about the topic of efficient time management then (re)watch a recording here.

The Roadblock to Efficiency: My Worst Time Wasters

If one of my biggest struggles in life is managing my time, then a close second is not wasting it to begin with. I chose this month’s topic of “Efficiency” because August is high season for many hostels and it becomes even more important. I also chose it because, like carbs and sugar, I never feel like I have enough of it. So this was as much a challenge for me to discover what keeps me from utilizing my time well, and to identify the tools I’ve learned over time that help me.

Public vs. Private Hostel Discussions

Hello hostel community.

Like any organization, has a presence on Facebook. Over time, this has become a fairly strong following, to the point where some forget about or don't realize that is first and foremost a full website and massive resource for hostel owners and managers. Which is a great shame, since the forum on HM has over 25,000 posts. Using Facebook to connect with other members of the HM community is not a bad thing, but some issues do arise.

How I Saved $10,000 Towards My Own Hostel (And how you can too!)

In the last 10 years I’ve lived in 5 different countries, and traveled in many more. I’ve taught English to monks in Thailand, tagged sea turtles in Greece, au paired in the Netherlands, taught pilates to one of the King’s 13 wives in Swaziland, and 100 other things in between. A decade of adventure left with me life changing experiences, and absolutely no money. I wouldn’t change it for anything- it’s also been a hell of a lot of fun- but at least financially, that time has come. I’m about to turn 30, and my biggest dream is still a dream. I decided to change that, and that decision took some serious work.

ILH Workshop Teaches Entrepreneurs How to Open a Hostel

ILH, the Israeli hostel network, recently finished the sixth installment of their Hosteliers and Entrepreneurs Workshop, a two day seminar designed to prepare anyone interested in starting a hostel for the challenge of organizing and opening their business.

Industry Spotlight on Zostel – India’s first hostel chain

Some hostels start small and think big so that they can expand in the future. Zostel is taking a different approach. They’re starting big and planning to shape the future as they go.

Adding Bars & Restaurants: Extra Value or Extra Headache?

Backpackers: the Ultimate Lazy. Go around the block for a bar? Can’t be bothered. Oh, you serve drinks at the bar downstairs? Eh, I suppose I could make it that far for a round. Or seven.

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