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Right now I am currently backpacking and working in hostels. Have always really loved staying at hostel, and this trip so far has opened my eyes up to something I want to keep doing. Been working for about 5 months now and seemed to have landed an ideal position for me personally. This hostel is just in the beginning stages, so lots of ground work to be done, lots of marketing and getting things ready, so I am using all of this as the perfect opportunity to learn about the ins and outs of running a hostel.

Hopefully in a few years I will have gained valuable experience I will be in a great position to open and run my own hostel.

Anyway, glad I found this resource, plenty of information shared, really gives me a firm idea of things to work towards.

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Re: Hello

Hey Rob, first of all, welcome to the forum...

So, if you can say, where are you working in these days? For personal experience, working/running a hostel on its first times is amazing. We learn hugelly with on the job experience and every day we try to implement new things, ideas and marketing strategies mainly on-line, which is, in my opinion, the second best way to promote the hostel... The first in the word of mouth and on that, we can't do to much, just let this run... Wink


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Re: Hello

Warm welcome to the forum

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