Hostels: "the best choice for budget accommodation"

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Hostels - the best choice for budget accommodation

Does the word "hostel" conjure up images of smelly dorm rooms lined with bunks or being surrounded by 100 screaming French seven year-olds? Or is it drunken hooligans and being kept awake all night by snoring dorm mates on that post study abroad whirlwind railpass trip around Europe? Is it moldy shower stalls in shared bathrooms and commons rooms reeking of spilled beer and vomit? Did the 2005 movie Hostel scare the life out of you?

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Re: Hostels: "the best choice for budget accommodation"

Hostels wrote:
Hostels - the best choice for budget accommodation

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There is a potential for hostels to stereotyped into being glorified homeless shelters. There is more than one hostel out there with questionable business practices, just like some hotels. In fact a Hotel just closed in my town do to bad management. I think a trade association with a clearly defined mission statement and code of conduct would be step in the right direction. The Hotel & Restuarant segment of the Hospitalty industry is regulated, I believe it is our turn. I have read multiple posts on this website and I have not seen any posts set against it.

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