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I run the site . The introductory page begins:

On our site we are very particular about the hostels we include. We want to be able to recommend every hostel especially to solo travellers. Single travellers seek sociability and are willing to share rooms in order that they don't have to pay more than everyone else, as they do in guest houses. Travellers also appreciate having a kitchen where they can save money on meals, and which also is a great place to meet other travellers. So please look at the following guidelines.

I then make the following minimum conditions: Not more than 30 beds, must have a common room, and cost for individuals must not be more than others.

This site was founded by Michael Lottes, and many of you have stayed in his hostel in Dresden which has the type of atmosphere I want to aim for.

I get applications from hostels of various styles, some of which are clearly not suitable for our listing (apartment houses) or too large (numbers not stated). But whatever criterion we use, there's always borderlines. Here is one.

They have lots of photos of their rooms which are spacious rooms with 2 to 6 beds (bunk-beds), table and chairs, all with TV and fridge. Prices are per individual.They don't mention a common room or communal facilities at all in their text, but there is 1 photo of a common room with TV. They don't mention a kitchen so I assume they don't have one. They dont mention meals.

This hostel meets the minimum conditions, but I can't imagine that it is very sociable, except within a dorm which is really like a mini-apartment.

I'd be interested in any opinions.

In particular, if you have stayed in a hostel in Bucharest (which may or may not be this one), please tell me what it was like, with these aspects in mind.

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