Youth Hostels for Sale, England, UK

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Re: Youth Hostels for Sale, England, UK

Oh those lovely hostels! I've stayed in 3 of them, and looked round 2 others. I stayed in Scarborough when I was 15 (travelling with 2 friends; no under 18 rule in those days!)

Thank you Josh for publicising these. But the price tags are all very high.

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Re: Youth Hostels for Sale, England, UK

Last one is in Edinburgh. Great location but I suspect the price would rule out any decent return.

There are two more available in Edinburgh at present on for rent and the largest one in the city is for sale.

Outwith my financial reach but if anyone is interested I can put you in touch with vendors. Or if anyone is interested in teaming up I already have several associated businesses running in Scotland that would help with occupancy as we fill about 5000 bed nights in Edinburgh each year via our activity companies

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