GOMIO.COM Hostel Reservation Software

GOMIO.COM offers hostel reservation software for front and back office:
What is the GOMIO.COM Reservation Software?

The GOMIO.COM Reservations Software is a front-office solution for hostels to manage reservations, create cleaning lists and inventories, as well as creating invoices and doing book-keeping. It is based on the proven software created by ASSD, and has been tailor-made so that hostels can choose which features they want to include and how the software should be set up to match the individual needs of the particular hostel.

What are the features and benefits of using the GOMIO.COM Reservation Software?

1. GOMIO.COM offers this software to our members for 60 % less than the usual price!
2. It is flexible to different types of reservations!
3. It helps Creating Invoices!
4. You can easily manage Cash Register and Accounting!
5. The system Clearly Arranged Calendar Schedule!
6. You can Control of Fixed Dates!
7. It offers many more advantages!

How do you get the GOMIO.COM Reservation Software? EASY STEPS

Trial Version:

1. Download the demo version of the software as a zip file (36.9 MB) or rar file (34.0 MB) here:http://www.gomio.com/ehc/ReservationsSoftware.aspx

2. Un-zip the file onto your hard drive
3. Open the folder named "GOMIO Standard" and find the file "rb.exe"
4. Make a shortcut of this file to your desktop and open it
5. You should now see the login screen. To login enter:
username: gomio
password: guest
6. To unzip the downloaded Software Package you will need a program like winzip or winrar, which you can download for free at: www.winzip.com or www.winrar.de
7. This version is limited up to 6 months


8. To explore the full potential of the GOMIO.COM Reservation Software, contact our specialist right away
9. Get the licence for 60% less than the usual price and have a satisfactory work

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