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Hostel Management Newsletter Archive

Rucksack Brian — Created 7 minutes ago
Here is an archive of newsletters. If you have not subscribed to receive the newsletter by email yet you can (more...)

How TripAdvisor evaluates reviews

Rucksack Brian — Created 28 minutes ago
TripAdvisor has released a little information about the process they use to evaluate reviews. (more...)

Marketing or Business related, I am currently looking for a good job with a great company!

Ralf Michael — Created 42 minutes ago
Marketing or Business related, I am currently looking for a good job with a great company! Ideally, this company would be in the luxury hospitality, nightlife or (more...)

Why no Philippines hostels?

clivejeffries — Last reply 7 hours ago
Hi, after 3 long years working in China, I have been thinking about Philippines as a place to start a hostel, mainly due to environment, cost and the fact they speak English (more...)

Looking to buy a small hostel

steveoscaro — Last reply 7 hours ago
Hello, I'm hoping to find a small hostel to buy, most likely in Central or South America, for my first experience in running a hostel. I'm also open to partial ownership. I (more...)

Looking for a hostel to rent/lease or managerial partnership

Marine and Sofien — Last reply 8 hours ago
Hi, We are a couple of french travellers and we are looking for a new big challenge. We have a nice project involving culture, events, art and human contact. We are looking (more...)

Looking for small hostel to rent/lease/buy

adamstrain2010 — Last reply 8 hours ago
We currently are leasing a small hostel in Portugal and are looking for another to add to it! Preferably in Europe, but would consider anywhere else. We have some money, but are (more...)

Global hostel chain project

amitiel — Last reply 8 hours ago
Hi all, I am working on a well-known chain in Barcelona, Spain and I lead a project that focus on the creation of a Global Hostel chain. I noticed that in this forum (more...)

Looking for worldwide gateway hostel locations

Hostel dude — Last reply 8 hours ago
Hi there. We run a successful network of mid to large hostels and are looking to expand in major worldwide gateway cities across Europe and North America. Need locations. Minimum (more...)

Successful Entrepreneurs Looking To Expand.....

Chris Donnelly — Last reply 8 hours ago
Hi everyone, myself and my business partner have an extremely successful hostel in Croatia and we are looking to expand with a second business somewhere in one of the major (more...)

HostelManagement Blog

cmloechl's picture
13 Apr 2015 - 6:31pm

Backpackers: the Ultimate Lazy. Go around the block for a bar? Can’t be bothered. Oh, you serve drinks at the bar downstairs? Eh, I suppose I...

Kirstine Larsen's picture
13 Apr 2015 - 4:54pm

Learn more about the challenges and rewards of adding a bar/restaurant/cafe to your hostel.
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Hostel Spotlight

Dunloe View Hostel is a newly refurbished hostel 8 km from Killarney town. We are situated in a farmland setting with stunning views of the...

Member Spotlight

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I have opened Chillton in 2006 and Chillton 2 in 2009.
I am ready to learn more and help as much as possible.

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