How to Add a Dynamic Skype Button to Your Website

Skype is a free program that many travelers use to make free or cheap phone calls over the Internet.

If you want backpackers to be able to call your front desk for free from Skype at Internet cafes, you can put a Skype button on your Web site.

There are several methods for adding a Skype button.

Simple Skype Button

The easiest way is to go to this page and follow the simple instructions. The Web page will then give you code that you can paste into your Web site.

add a custom Skype button

Skype Button Wizard

A second method is to use the Skype button wizard. The wizard gives additional options, like creating a "chat with me" button instead of a "call me" button:

customize Skype button

Custom Skype Links

The third option for integrating Skype with your Web site is to to check out the advanced options page which includes things like how to make a link that will start a Skype call or Skype chat.

For example, the following code, if embedded in a Web page and clicked on, would call a Skype user:

<a href="skype:user1?call" rel="nofollow">Call me</a>

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