Dealing wih sex noise in shared common areas

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Hello !

I would like to ask you guys regarding sex noise in the shared common areas like in shared bathroom or rooftop terrace.
For example, we had two guests making sex noise and screamed in shared bathrooom around 4 am. This was very unacceptable ..but they just didn't respect other guests..our staff warned them many times and knocked on the door.At the end we warned them to call police but it seems there many guests complaint and annoyed by thier behaviour.

Do you have any suggestion to deal with this ?

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Re: Dealing wih sex noise in shared common areas

cameras - even fake ones. wont stop EVERYBODY but if people are aware of them it'll stop most of them.

edit: that obviously doesnt work for bathrooms - just places like the rooftop

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Re: Dealing wih sex noise in shared common areas

A bucket of cold water?

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Re: Dealing wih sex noise in shared common areas

Make the dorm open for the either gender and it helps reduce noises a lot. But I stayed in a male dorm before and the noise came from two males, so there's never a universal solution to solve it.

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Re: Dealing wih sex noise in shared common areas

I'd go with a bucket of cold water to be honest - also helpful for drunk people passed out on sofas unable to be woken...

The other option? Have someone go to the bathroom noisily and smelly in the next stall? (Just kidding).

I know this is a bit harsh but if it was at my place I'd probably kick them out to be honest, maybe not then and there, but the next morning... You kind of have to look after the needs of the many rather than the needs of the few...

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Re: Dealing wih sex noise in shared common areas

Not an easy question. But when you run an hostel you have to think about all the other guests that are trusting in you to assure that they will have a nice staying. So, if a pair of guest is annoying the others, it´s your duty to intervene in any way necessary. You may start being friendly in your approach (knocking on the door), but in the end, if everything fails, why not stressing your point in a more...assertive way (barging in?).

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