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Austin’s Green Hostel

Hostels, done right, are some of my favorite places to stay....

...the coolest thing about this hostel is their dedication to sustainability. Everything possible goes into the recycling, of course, but there’s much more than recycling going on. A solar array on the roof generates all the power this building needs. Power needs are reduced, too, with the use of compact fluorescents and Energy Star appliances. All the paper used here is recycled, no disposable dishes or silverware are provided, and the cleaning supplies are natural and non-toxic. Food waste goes into a big compost bin, which feeds a food garden out back. When I visited, the eggplant and tomato plants were heavy with fruit; peppers were just starting to poke out.

HI hostels in the USA generally seem to have great kitchens:

  • stainless steel - easy to clean
  • counter space
  • large sinks
  • food storage cubbies

Photo c. Jessica Reeder



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