International Travelers Bill of Rights Act (USA)

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What do you think about this idea?

Do we need an International Travelers Bill of Rights?

...the International Travelers Bill of Rights, new bipartisan legislation in Congress . . . would require online travel agencies to disclose information about the potential health and safety risks associated with overseas vacation destinations marketed on their sites, including State Department warnings and information about on-site health and safety services, such as the availability of a doctor, nurse or lifeguard.

The bill's text:

To require operators of Internet websites that provide access to international travel services and market overseas vacation destinations to provide on such websites information to consumers regarding the potential health and safety risks associated with traveling to such vacation destinations, and for other purposes.

Do you this that this would help people be safer, or just discourage people from traveling? Basically, travel websites would have to warn travelers about Department of State country-specific travel warnings and alerts, as well as "whether the destination

(A) employs or contracts with a physician or nurse on the premises to provide medical treatment for guests;

(B) employs or contracts with personnel, other than a physician, nurse, or lifeguard, on the premises who are trained in cardiopulmonary resuscitation;

(C) has an automated external defibrillator and employs or contracts with 1 or more individuals on the premises trained in its use; and

(D) employs or contracts with 1 or more lifeguards on the premises trained in cardiopulmonary resuscitation, if the overseas vacation destination has swimming pools or other water-based activities on its premises, or in areas under its control for use by guests."

Would this "International Travelers Bill of Rights Act" include sites like,, -- and hostels?



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Re: International Travelers Bill of Rights Act (USA)

..... and how many traffic accidents there are per year on each of their roads, and do they employ a weather forecaster, geologist and biologist to give an accurate assessment of how dangerous a proposed mountain trip will be, and the latest statistics on the number of cases of food poisoning, and a risk assessment of the probability of a tsunami, and... and....

Surely the intelligent public will make their own assessments?

I thought that what the US is about is REDUCING the amount of interference by the Government in personal affairs Stare

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Re: International Travelers Bill of Rights Act (USA)

Wait. It´s not clear if that is supposed to be only for tour operators, not booking websites.

Dunno about other countries, but Germany has a law like that. If you book a package (online or in the agent´s shop), the tour operator is liable, not the airline/hotel/restaurant. That includes the right to cancel the booking free of charge in case there is a travel warning.

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