Micro hotel rooms in NYC - a new trend?

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"Tiny rooms may fit shrunken travel budgets
N.Y. hotel offers luxury treatment, micro-sized rooms for under $100"

NEW YORK - A New York hotel with luxury sheets and state-of-the-art audio for less than $100 a night? All you have to sacrifice is a bit of privacy and a little — well, a lot — of space.

Moving beyond budget accommodations to an idea that borrows from a ship's berth or a train's sleeper car, developers are gambling that in tough times travelers looking for a little pampering at lower prices will embrace micro-hotels.

The concept of an entire hotel room the size of a suburban bathroom has spread across Europe in recent years. And as the U.S. economy deteriorates, interest in the idea has grown, especially in high-priced markets like New York City — where there are fewer options for budget travelers.

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It says there aren't many budget options in NYC, but there are something like 55 hostels with dorm beds starting at under $20, and hostel private rooms starting at about $50...

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