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HostelBookers was founded in 2004 with the idea of bringing a "free" hostel booking service to customers worldwide, based around an accessible and easy to use website. Since then HostelBookers has grown rapidly to confirm reservations online for hostels & budget hotels in over 2,000 destinations worldwide — everywhere from Sydney to San Francisco.

We provide a range of benefits to all of our partner properties:

  • Access to over a million travelers each month on the HostelBookers website.
  • The opportunity to sell as many beds as you like using our advanced back office system. You maintain control and can update your availability and prices at any time.
  • A completely free service — no registration fees or annual fees. You pay only a commission of 10% for each booking received.
  • A full page on our website — optimized for search engines and designed to maximize sales.
  • No contract, which means that there's no commitment from you — you're free to leave at any time.
  • No invoices or paperwork! All confirmed bookings are emailed to you along with credit card details as guarantee.

More information and a signup form can be found on the join page.

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